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Lucca, the Giacomo Puccini’s hometown, is located on a plain at the foot of the Apuan Alps. It was founded during the flowering of Etruscan civilization and became a roman colony in the second century BC. Surrounded by the Ancient Wall, Lucca preserves the rectangular grid of its historical centre, where a tourist can recognize the roman street plan, the site of the ancient forum, located in “Piazza San Michele”, and the Anfiteatro.

Called the “city of 100 churches”, Lucca has an incredible collection of houses of worship amongst which stand out the Cathedral of Saint Martin with its Romanesque-Pisan facade, the Basilica of San Frediano and the Church of San Michele

Thanks to the ancient walls encircling the old town, visiting Lucca is like taking a trip in a time machine. The historical center has retained its ancient city-state charm with narrow streets, squares and fountains, medieval houses and  renaissance  palaces, including Palazzo Pfanner and Villa Bottini. Built in the XVI century by Buonvisi and then acquired by Paolina Bonaparte, it is the venue of guided tours, tuscany wine tasting, ballets, opera performance and classical music concerts performed by our musicians and opera singers, honouring the city that gave us great composers, including  Luigi Boccherini and Giacomo Puccini.

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Promenade through music, colour and flavour

Guided tours in villa with classical music concerts and ballets

Art shows and tuscany wine and food tasting in the prestigious Villa Bottini

Villa Bottini. Via Elisa 9, 55100 Lucca

Events are carried out with Associazione Laboratorio Brunier

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